Resource Management - Energy & Water

We recognize water and energy are global issues. We understand that problems of this magnitude need strategic thinking, long-term planning, and a multi-faceted approach. We help our clients navigate today’s challenges including: changing generation mix and efforts to decarbonize, securing fuel and energy supply at reasonable costs and optimizing operational efficiency and customer service. We work with our clients to turn these challenges into opportunities to develop their full potential, invest wisely and become more valuable.

What is Resource Management?

It is an efficient and effective deployment and allocation of an organisation's resources when and where they are needed. As the United Nations indicated "Energy and Water are intricately connected. All sources of energy (including electricity) require water in their production processed: the extraction of raw materials, cooling in thermal processes, in cleaning processes, cultivation of crops for biofuels, and powering turbines. Energy is itself required to make water resources available for human use and consumption (including irrigation) through pumping, transportation, treatment, and desalination."

Why Should You Care?

Taking care of materials, energy, water, waste and emissions makes good business case. Through cleaner production and efficient use of resources and by applying preventive management measures - you can increase the productive use of natural resources, minimise the generation of waste and emission; and foster safe and responsible business practices. It also creates new job opportunities and promotes energy/water security and better health for your community.

What We Can Do For You

  • Low carbon and sustainable resource management

  • Policies and regulations (tax benefits/incentives) research

  • Sustainability planning

  • Private investors services

  • Auditing and resource optimisation

  • sustainable water/energy management

  • Water/energy and climate adaptation

  • Diligence assessment

  • Procurement and bid support

  • Service reviews and benchmarking

  • Cleaner and sustainable production (small and medium enterprises)

  • Data gathering & processing

  • Benchmarking - performance metrics and best practices

  • Capacity building and training on resource management

Benefits To You

  • Cost savings

  • Risk management

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