Sustainable Urban Development & Transport

Population growth, ageing infrastructure and globalization calls for sustainable urban development that is based on efficient, reliable and cost effective transportation. We have the big-picture and technical understanding essential to achieve integrated and sustainable transport systems that meet communities’ needs today and in the future.

What is Sustainable Development?

The United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) defines sustainability as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) states that for transportation sector, the triple bottom line relates to sustainable solutions in the areas of the natural environmental systems surrounding the transportation system, the economic efficiency of the system, and the societal needs (e.g., equity, mobility, safety and accessibility). 

Why Should You Care?

Transport infrastructure lasts for decades, which means the decisions that the local and national government make today will have long-lasting impacts on urban development. Sustainable transport is not just about being responsible and green - it is also a way to look at transportation as an integrated system to its environment. Sustainable transport is affordable, operates efficiently, offers chooses of transport mode, and supports a vibrant economy. It also increases competitiveness, security and profitability. 

Having sustainable strategies provide "win-win transportation solutions", they simultaneously help reduce traffic congestion, pollution, crashes and consumer costs; increase mobility options, and encourages more efficient land use patterns.

What We Can Do For You

  • Low carbon transport technology assessments and advice

  • Research on technologies advances and efficiency - including electric and autonomous cars

  • Data gathering & processing

  • Benchmarking - performance metrics and best practices

  • Technical support and policy development

  • Ports/airport sustainability and land use planning

  • Sustainability management plan

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting and verification

  • Capacity building and training on sustainable transport and urban development

Benefits To You

  • Cost savings

  • Risk management

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